Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hi-Lustre Smokey Eye with Stila Magnificent Metals

So, I really tried to refrain from purchasing Stila's Magnificent Metals Foil Finish eyeshadows. Despite falling in love with the opaque, metallic formula…I just couldn't justify paying $32 for a single color. I went about foiling my metallic shadows and even read negative reviews about the Magnificent Metals to convince myself I didn't want them. Well, I found a 20% off coupon code a week ago and decided that $27, including tax and shipping for a single cake of Kitten wouldn't hurt. And now, Stila's website is having a 25% off sale with free shipping and no minimums…so I'm sort of eyeing the Emerald and Comex Gold now. XD

Anyways, here is a quick pictorial tutorial I did for the lustrous smokey eye I did the other say with Kitten. I chose this particular shade because it's a nude neutral with a touch of peachy-pink. I feel that it is among the most versatile of the Magnificent Metals. Therefore, if I could only have one, this one would be it.

  • prime eyelid with UDPP in Eden
  • apply Buxom eyeshadow in Pug wherever you would like to define your "crease". (because I have a nearly non-existant crease, I place the shadow in an arc above my natural fold)
  • apply a soft pencil or gel liner to outer corners
  • blend out eyeliner with Sephora eyeshadow in Starry Sky
  • apply Stila Magnificent Metals in Kitten to lid
  • line top and bottom lash lines. I used both liquid and pencil eyeliner.
  • add a touch of Urban Decay's eyeshadow in blackout to deepen the outer corners
  • highlight tear duct with a touch of shimmery, nude shadow
  • to complete the look, apply Ardell Wispies eyelashes
A little of this stuff goes a long way. See that tiny little smudge on the brush? That was enough for one eye. This little cake will probably last me a lifetime!

I'd love to do a video tutorial on how to use Magnificent Metals as well as how to REMOVE them…I hear it can be challenging, but I've found a way to make it easy. ;)

Hope you guys enjoyed today's post! Happy Hump Day!



  1. gorgeous! love your tutorials by the way :]

    1. Thanks, Amanda! I particularly enjoy these because I get to do tutorials without having to expend as much time vs. the videos. :D Though videos are great when I do have the time!