Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Divergent Makeup Series: Dauntless

Hello, everyone! Bringing you the second, Divergent-inspired makeup look: Dauntless. This was probably my favorite faction. (gawd, I'm such a bandwagoneer, lol) They were cool, and tough, and brave. It was always my dream as a kid to be a badass. Of course, that never really happened since I grew up to be very petite and ultra-feminine. But hey, I might surprise you with some of my Muay Thai moves, so watch out! lol

For the Dauntless look, I thought I'd do sharp, more avante-garde eyeliner in order to represent the fearless philosophy of the faction. In retrospect, I realize that 1.) I'm in dire need of a brow wax 2.) I should have made my brows more austere by making them as black and defined as the eyeliner. Oh well. No one is paying me to do this and it wouldn't be fun anymore if I had to do-over since I spent so much time on it. Maybe one day. XD


  1. apply Urban Decay's Naked eyeshadow to the entire lid as a nude base
  2. sketch out the shape of your graphic liner with a black eyeliner pencil (I used UD's Zero)
  3. fill in the eyeliner shape using black get eyeliner (mine is by MBA Cosmetics)
  4. do a general cleanup of the lines using black liquid eyeliner (I used ELF)
  5. using my Kate Super Sharp pen eyeliner, I further refined the wing tips
  6. again, using my eyeliner pen, I added graphic dots to create a more avante-garde look
Finish by curling lashes, applying mascara, and applying Ardell Edgy strip lashes in #403

Hope everyone is enjoying my Divergent Makeup Series! I know I am! Happy Tuesday, everyone and thanks for reading! <3


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