Thursday, March 6, 2014

Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire

Good afternoon, everyone! I am so excited to present a collaborative makeup project I've been working on with 3 other amazingly creative, international artists. We deified the four elements and interpreted them in our own, unique ways using makeup as our primary medium.

To view the complete photo set with detailed images of each look, CLICK HERE.

Ms. Saskia, the Earth deity on the top left corner has a delightful blog called Pretty Trivialities. I highly recommend you check her out, she does comprehensive product reviews and gives a lot of in-depth insight on beauty and other fun stuff. She also has a very engaging Instagram account.

Ms. Josephine, the Water deity on the upper right, is a consummate artist in many mediums…I've seen that she's amazing in makeup and photography, as well as digital work. She's a pure artist who simply enjoys art for art's sake, therefore you won't find her with a blog or Instagram…though she should really start one of the three so that her admirers, myself included, can stalk more of her creative work! She did start a YouTube, so, hopefully, more cool stuff to come from her!

Ms. Ayannah, the Wind deity on the lower left, flawlessly carries every look she creates. Not sure at the moment if she has a blog or YouTube yet, but you can see more of her work on her Instagram account. If she isn't already, she can definitely pass as a high fashion model and makeup artist, but I have a feeling that this is just a fun hobby for her, as it is for the rest of us. :)

Anyhoo, here are additional, detailed images of my interpretation of FIRE:

This was such a fun shoot and collaboration! It was a lot of work, but totally worth it. I'm really happy to have met and bonded with these ladies and look forward to doing more creative work like this in the future! :)



  1. Wow! Love the look you created! It's so fierce and sexy!

    1. Thanks, Jennifer! That's what I was going for! :)