Monday, August 27, 2012

New Glasses!

Ok, so from yesterday's post, everyone has learned that I recently got an eye exam and a new prescription for glasses and contact lenses.  You all saw my contact lenses, so today, I wanted to introduce you to my new glasses!  Check me out:

Is it obvious that I'm totally in love with them?  Call them "hipster" or whatever, but I think they're just too cute!  And, unlike the wannabe wayfarers I featured in a previous post, they're actually functional since the lenses have a prescription in them, albeit small. (-0.25DS in both eyes, lol) 

I got these babies from  UH-MA-ZING is all I can say!  Ok, that's not ALL I can say.  I know what you're thinking: "Buying prescription glasses online?  Are you insane?!".  Eh, maybe a little.  I was skeptical at first too, but Coastal is running a number of incredible promotions right now for new customers and for back-to-school so I thought I'd take a leap and give them a try.  I'm soooooooooooooo glad that I did!

First off, the glasses are gorgeous!  The style and fit is amazing!  I have a hard time finding plastic frames that fit the bridge of my nose correctly and this is one of the few that works!  I also upgraded my lenses to include anti-reflective coating, UV protection, and anti-scratch coating and everything, including shipping and handling, cost me a fraction of a fraction of what I would pay at my local optometry office.  I would know, I'm employed by an optometry office as an optometric assistant! :D

On top of that, service and shipping is conducted at lightning speeds!  I ordered these on a Monday night and received them Friday afternoon of the same week...what is that, like, 3 business days?  Even the wonderful office that I work at requires 7-10 working days to complete orders.  It really boggles the mind how Coastal does it!

Ooh...the blue box!

Oh, and as if gorgeous glasses delivered to my door at the speed of light wasn't enough, I also received a complimentary hard case as well as a cleaning and tightening kit with my order!

In case you're wondering, this style is Derek Cardigan 7017 in Black.

How can this possibly get better?  I'll tell you how!  You have 366 days to decide whether or not you want to keep them.  If you'd like a refund or exchange, simply send them back to Coastal...they'll pay for return shipping! 

Seriously folks.  I have examined this from every angle possible and I cannot see how anyone can lose!  I also can't see why I would go anywhere else for glasses from now on!  For those of you in need of vision correction, get thee to Coastal pronto!  Just be sure you have a valid eyeglass prescription on hand as well as your P.D.  Not sure what that is?  It's the distance measured between your pupils which is required to center your prescription.  Your optometry office should take this measurement during your exam and would be able to provide it for you.

Hope some of you found this post useful as well as (somewhat) entertaining!  Happy Monday to all!



  1. I also ordered glasses (and contacts) from Coastal and was very pleased with the service. I got the frameless kind with transition lenses and bifocals. I have a problem with glasses because of the weight of most due to my prescription. These were great, cute lenses and very lightweight. I loved the hard case and the accessory kit that came with. I got these for $150 less than what I paid for my old glasses at Costco without the transition lenses! You can't go wrong with Coastal!

    1. Hey fellow Coastal fan! :) I'm in total agreement with you. A drilled frame (or frameless) bifocal lens with transitions and additional upgrades could cost up to $700 - $800 at any regular retail optometry office. (if you don't have insurance, that is) Even with great insurance, such as VSP, a nice pair could still set you back about $200. I don't know how they do it, but I'm lovin' it! High five for Coastal! :D

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