Sunday, August 26, 2012

Freshlook Colorblends Brilliant Blue

You all know that I love changing my look on a day-to-day basis by applying makeup to my face.  Well, another way to change up your look is to change the color of your eyes!  I like adding a little color to my lid, but with color contact lenses, I can add a little color to my eyes as well. :)

Sure, color contacts are nothing new.  They're just something I don't play around with that much because: A) I have very sensitive eyes.  B)  I barely have a prescription (-0.25 in both eyes)  C) Because my vision is near 20/20, I don't get eye exams often and therefore don't get fitted for contact lenses often.  FYI, getting fitted for contact lenses if VERY important for your eye health.  I know that there are OTC contacts that you can buy online, but without a proper fitting from an eyecare professional, you can sorely damage your eyes, therefore your vision, so be warned!

About a week ago, I got an eye exam from my optometrist and received a contact lens fitting too.  After not wearing color contacts for at least 3-4 years now, I felt like trying them again.  Of course I would choose among the most unnatural colors...what's the fun in going through the trouble of wearing contacts if you can't look completely eccentric?  I went with Brilliant Blue by Freshlook Colorblends.  It's a part of their Vibrant Views collection, a new selection of super-vivid eye colors.  Freshlook has been known in the past to create more natural colors via Colorblends, but I guess you just have to roll with the times...people want more extreme these days!

I just wanted to share with you guys what the contacts look like with and without eye makeup so you can compare the difference in looks.  Also, how completely cool they look on a southeast Asian gal who feels ridiculously glamorous in bright blue eyes!

I think they stand out more without eye makeup, since the blue is not competing with the color of the shadows.  I guess color contacts are an even easier way of dressing up the eyes with as little effort as possible!  

- a simple way to jazz up your eyes
- lots of color possibilities

- I can still feel them!  It takes getting used to, but I hate the feeling of having something in my eye.  It doesn't hurt, but is a little annoying.  
- The ring of color sometimes obstructs my vision, causing some blur, when my pupils are more dilated, ie. at night.  Not too big of a deal though.

All in all,  I really love them.  I generally don't wear them for more than 1-2 hours at a time.  I think I want to get them in Gemstone Green as well, hehe.  I think that would look pretty cool.  These are also great accessories for an ethereal photo shoot!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday!



  1. Yes,,, I agree with you that professional advice is mandatory when buying contact lenses. hmm,,, it makes a big difference in the look of a person with and without make up. Make up makes your face glowing with these lenses.

  2. Thank you for sharing. They look great. I love fresh look color blends contact lenses! I will have to try out the blue now.

  3. Brilliant review Cat. How much did you spend on your Freshlook contacts? We found that most other retailers are so expensive. Ours are just 16.50 a pack :)

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  7. So if you get a fitting, does your doctor send your measurements to freshlooks and then they come to you in a personalized size and base curve? Sorry I'm totally new to this haha

    1. Your doctor writes out a prescription with your measurements. That way, you have a copy of your measurements for your own records as well as a proper prescription to be able to purchase your contacts in person or online. :) Hope that helps!