Wednesday, August 8, 2012

teeze w/ eez

Hi everyone!  I thought I'd share this really cool new hair styling tool that I got a chance to try out the other day.  It's a revolutionary new teasing tool, specially designed to give your hair lots of volume with little effort.  You know how I love big hair!

The folks over at teeze w/ eez were kind enough to send me some samples so that I could try out their awesome product.  I must say, the teeze w/ eez did not disappoint!

The handle is ergonomically designed so that it feels natural and comfortable to hold and is made out of a soft, grippy material.  I like how they included a cute little crystal embellishment for added sparkle!  But the real star here is the way the teeth are, crimped, criss-crossed, and staggered so that you can easily tease your does most of the work for you; just a few short, gentle strokes will do the trick!  I find that this method is not only efficient, but less damaging to my hair because it doesn't require a lot of force and repetition.  Check out the results!

From flat and lifeless to tons of body, volume and lift!  I'm not excited just because the teeze w/ eez was gifted to me, but because it really WORKS!  I've been using it almost every day since I've gotten mine.  Love it!

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