Wednesday, August 15, 2012

White Red Black

Back to my Bebe bodycon dress dilemma!  I thought for sure I was going to go for the blue, but then I ended up trying these two in the boutique:

 In the end, I decided to go with the white.  I actually don't have a sexy white dress...though I have to be careful to wear neutral-colored underthings and to consume only light-colored food and drinks.  Lol.  I might end up going back to pick up this dress in every other color, however, haha!

My only gripe about the dress isn't really a gripe at all, I'm just too petite for it, therefore I need the straps taken up a bit.  Off to alterations I go!  Hope everyone's having a good Wednesday! :D



  1. omg white is so hot! Actually I will choose for myself red one, but I'm total diseaster when I'm eating or drinking. ;) Anyway, white dress is awsome. You look amazing.

    P.S> Sorry for my poor english.

    1. Thanks Vila! I'm really afraid of spilling also, but I just LOVE the way the color looks! :)

      P.S. Your english is great! :D

    2. They both look great! :D

      I'm always afraid of white clothes too... I think I'm cursed or something... Something is always bound to happen with white clothing. xD

    3. Haha! I'm so nervous now that I got it in white!