Thursday, August 16, 2012

Swatches: Cowboys and Rockets

Good morning (nearly afternoon)!  Just thought I'd share some lippy swatches from my UD haul the other day.  First up, UD lipstick in Midnight Cowboy:

I got a sample of this lipstick ages ago and fell in love with it!  I used up mine and then stole my sister's.  Now that it's on sale, I got a full-sized one just for me!  Midnight Cowboy is a sheer, nude, sparkly lipstick that I love wearing alone when I'm rockin' a super-sultry, smokey eye for the evening.  Smells great too!  Like caramel creme brulee!

Next is UD's Pocket Rocket lip gloss in Colin:

 Colin is a sheer, warm red gloss.  There actually aren't any sparkles in it, the glitter is leftovers that I couldn't remove from Midnight Cowboy, lol.  But you get the gist of what the color looks like on.  It looks very bold in the tube, but is actually very wearable once applied.  Smells like strawberry oatmeal...sort of a maple-y berry scent, which I like quite a bit, but the hubby hates.  Oh well.

Last up is another UD Pocket Rocket gloss, in James:

James is a hot-pink/fuchsia with iridescent blue shimmer.  Again, shocking in the tube, but very sheer and wearable upon application.  Same scent as Colin and the rest of the Pocket Rocket glosses, I assume. (FYI, Timothy smells the same as well.  Will steal him from my sister to get a swatch for you guys, lol)

Welps, that's all for today!  Looking forward to posting some shadow looks tomorrow, so stay tuned.  Have a lovely Thursday everyone!


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