Friday, August 24, 2012

Glitter Goddess

Howdy friends!  I've missed you all so much!  It's been one of those weeks...maybe I'm down because all the parties are over, I'm not quite sure, but I'm stuck in the doldrums right now.  Just the feeling of "ennui", I guess.  You know, being a little depressed and not knowing why.  *sigh*  I thought that maybe doing a post would cheer me up a little.  Here is a look that I created using Urban Decay's Goddess eyeshadow:

Sorry the lighting and coloring is totally off!  I'm trying to create a workspace in my new house with more even and natural lighting so that I can give you guys more consistent photography.  Anyhoo...this look is simple and glamorous!  How can you not be glamorous when using an eyeshadow called Goddess?  Haha.  I just applied Goddess to my entire lid, added some black shadow to the outer corners, lined my top and bottom lash lines, accented my top lash line with blue glitter eyeliner and dusted a little more Goddess along my bottom lash liner.  Done!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday! (more of a Thursday for me since I have work!)


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