Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tutorial: Neutral Daytime Look with Urban Decay

Most of the looks I do are brightly colored, but sometimes I need a neutral look for more conservative events.

Here I used an old Urban Decay palette I purchased years and years ago.  I don't think this palette exists anymore, but the colors still do.  I used Midnight Cowboy, Chopper, and Smog to create this look.

I start with a primed eye:

UDPP in Eden

I dust the inner half of my upper eyelid, as well as my brow arch, with Midnight Cowboy:

Next, I apply Chopper to the outer half of my upper eyelid:

Then, using Smog, I shade my "crease".  Being a typical asian, I have a very shallow crease, so I fabricate a deeper crease by shading the hollow of my brow bone starting at the outer corner of my upper eyelid and tapering and fading towards the inner corner.

Using a black eyeliner pencil, I draw tapered lines halfway in from the outer corners of both my top and bottom lids.

I smudge and smoke the liner by layering a little black shadow over it in order to soften the look.

I add a modest wing to my top eyelid using liquid eyeliner, adding a little to the outer corner of my bottom lid line to for a more dramatic effect.

Curl lashes and add mascara and I'm done!

I find that this is a great, subtle daytime look for work or school and can easily be drama-tized with more black shadow, a thicker wing, and false lashes for the evening.  Hope y'all found this helpful.  Have a happy Wednesday!


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