Saturday, August 20, 2011

Basic Skincare

*First, let me apologize for being AWOL these past couple of days.  I've been busy trying to reach a jewelry deadline and, in addition to that, both of my sisters had the bad taste to be born on consecutive days, therefore I've been busy birthday-partying this week.  But, moving on to our subject...skincare.

The makeup application process can be fun, creative, and transformational.  However, a healthy complexion is crucial to making good makeup GREAT makeup!

no-makeup me!
I get a lot of friends and family asking me about my skincare regimen.  I admit that I've been granted some decent genes, but I didn't always have clear, healthy skin.  I wasn't invulnerable to acne breakouts during my teen years and was still plagued by a zit or two once in awhile as a young adult.  Since then, however, I maybe get one pimple every year or so.  There were changes I had to make in order to have the complexion that I have right now.  What I'm about to tell you is probably nothing you haven't heard before.

Good skin starts from the inside.

1. Hydrate yourself.  Drink plenty of water throughout the day.  Our bodies are mostly made of water, so what better way to replenish ourselves than to drink it?  Growing up, soda used to be my beverage of choice.  When I was thirsty, I would have a Coke.  I still have a soda every now, mostly at social gatherings, but these days I'm drinking plenty of water.  Making that switch a few years back made a noticeable difference in my complexion.

2. Skip the junk and try incorporating fresh fruits and veggies in your diet more often.  I used to eat McDonald's and Jack In The Box at least twice a day.  No wonder I had so many breakouts!  These days I find myself voluntarily consuming salads and veggies.  I LOVE apples and grapefruit.  I eat grapefruit every day.  Not only is it good for my digestion, but they're so tart, sweet, and juicy...eating a grapefruit is like having a big, refreshing drink of water.

A clean face is a happy face.

Wash your face in the morning after you wake up and at night before you go to sleep.  Seems like a no-brainer, but it's surprising how many ladies actually don't follow this rule.  I know girls that fall asleep with their makeup on and figure that getting a little water splashed on their face from their shower counts as a proper cleansing.  Imagine all the crud that builds up on your face from oil and makeup!  There isn't a more surefire way to clog your pores than to not wash your face properly. 

In the morning, I like to use facial cleanser while showering.  I may as well because I'm in there anyway, right?  My morning facial cleanser of choice is Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Foaming Scrub.  It has exfoliating particles that scrub my face clean of dead skin cells, leaving me with smooth, fresh skin.  As a bonus, it delivers a cool, tingly sensation that feels great and really wakes me up!

In the evening, after removing my eye makeup, I like to gently cleanse with Christal Clear Aloe Foaming Face Wash.  It's really gentle and leaves my skin feeling clean and soft.  It's also very slightly scented with the fragrance of chamomile which I find very calming before I go to sleep.

Moisturize...and don't forget the sunscreen!

The first thing I do after I step out of the shower is moisturize my face.  My face is what people see when they look at me, so I always want it looking its best.  I have dry skin, so as soon as I get out of the shower, I want to seal in that moisture right away by applying a layer of moisturizer with built-in sunscreen.  My morning moisturizer of choice is Olay Complete Defense UV Moisturizer.  UV protection is critical to my skincare regimen because of it's anti-aging and cancer preventative qualities.  Hey, I'm game to stave off wrinkles, liver spots, and melanoma for as long as I can...preferably forever.

In the evenings, after facial cleansing and before I go to sleep I apply Neutrogena's Light Night Cream all over my face and neck.  It's lightweight, fragrance free, doesn't clog pores, and absorbs quickly, leaving my face feeling soft, supple, and clean from the moment my head hits the pillow until I wake up the next morning.

Those are the basics.  I hope this post has been helpful.  Feel free to leave any additional tips, comments, or suggestions. :)


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  1. I never moisturize before i sleep..probably because i tend to be the type of girl who falls asleep with her make up on..ahem..anyway, i've been better about that lately :3 i shall consider getting the light night cream.