Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pink Fire: Make Up For Ever Powder Blush in 75

Since I happen to be on a hot pink craze, why stop at eyeliner?  While at Sephora on the day I purchased Urban Decay's Woodstock eyeliner, I also picked up Make Up Forever Powder Blush in 75, which is a neon pink so bright that you'd have to wear sunglasses to stare at it for any longer than 5 seconds.  As if that isn't wicked enough, I decided to go full on pink by wearing it as eyeshadow in addition to wearing it as a blush.  Talk about over-the-top, but I had so much fun with the look.  Pretty poppin', don't you think?

You can imagine the big smile on my face when I saw the sample on display at Sephora:

In order to achieve this simple, monochromatic look, I started with a primed eye:

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden

Then, using a large shadow brush, I applied an even color wash of 79 to my entire lid just to the brow bone.

 Using black pencil liner, I traced my upper and lower lid lines:

HIP Color Chrome Eyeliner in Black Shock

Then I layered black shadow over the liner to smoke and set:

MAC Eyeshadow in Carbon

 Using gel liner, I extended a wing on the outer corner of my upper lid line:

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting DramaGel Eyeliner in Blackest Black

I curled my lashes and applied mascara to finish:

 I also used it on my cheeks as blush, but be warned, this blush is extremely pigmented to the point of being over pigmented.  You really only need a few particles to blush your cheeks and because the color is sooooooo intense, it's a little difficult to apply evenly.  Practice and experimentation is key.  Personally, I prefer it as an eyeshadow.

Overall look:

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