Monday, August 15, 2011

Review and Tutorial: Forest Fury

I usually like to keep things super simple as far as tutorials, but today's look is going to require a few more than 3 steps.  Don't worry, it's still easy and the results are totally worth it.  Check it out:

So I was at the CVS a couple days ago and, as usual, I came in for some sort of necessity but ended up being completely distracted by the makeup aisle.  A display of mini eyeshadow palettes immediately caught my eye.  Apparently, Maybelline's EyeStudio collection came out with a new product called Color Explosion, which is a palette of 4 brightly pigmented shades plus a sparkling shimmer topcoat.  The packaging was so pretty and the colors were outstanding.  They were also BOGO half off, so I ended up taking these two home with me:

Maybelline EyeStudio Color Explosion in Forest Fury and Amethyst Ablaze

I decided to try the Forest Fury shadow palette first, which brings me to the look we're doing today.

As always, I start with a primed eyelid.

Next, I apply the peridot shade to the inner half of my eyelid, just shy of the brow bone.

Using the silvery sage green color, I shade the outer half of my eyelid.

Once I complete that step, I'm going to use the light gold shadow to highlight my brow arch, while using the emerald green shade to darken the outer corner of my crease.

Then, I'm going to line the inner corner of my lower lid line with gold eyeliner pencil while lining the outer corner with black eyeliner pencil.

I layer the light gold shadow over the gold eyeliner and the emerald green shadow over the black eyeliner for a shimmery, slightly smoky effect.

To add an extra dimension of depth, I darken the outer corners with black eyeshadow.

Then I line the outer corners with more black pencil eyeliner for even more drama.

For a more blended look, I smudge it a little to soften the lines.

To finish, I curl my lashes and apply mascara.

As you can see, these shadows are extremely vibrant and are true to palette color upon application.  As a result, this look was really fun to do!  It's a really dramatic way of dressing up the eyes and will definitely turn heads.  I would highly recommend these shadows for an evening out.  I didn't apply the shimmer topcoat yet because it's too early in the day, but I'll definitely try it tonight and will post a photo update. :)

Overall look:


  1. Oh, I love this! It's fun to see green being used because I don't see many asian people trying it out. :P I like the blush on your cheeks too :)

  2. I totally think asians should try wearing green more. I notice that it really compliments my yellow undertones. The blush is a new fav of mine, Wet N Wild in Heather Silk. Very long-lasting and pigmented. Cheap too!

  3. So so gorgeous on you. Love it :)