Monday, August 22, 2011

Seaside Summer

I live in a sleepy, seaside town with many sweeping views of the San Francisco bay.  Summers are mild with temperatures usually in the high 60's to low 70's.  I always fold up a light sweater in my bag just in case, lol.  Not all parts of California are sunny and warm in the summer.

Sunglasses - Prada
Tank and Cardigan - Hollister
Skirt -YesStyle
Bag - Dior 
Boots - Two Lips

These sunglasses were from Prada's spring collection a few years ago.  I love the "butterfly" shape!
Dior Vintage Flowers is one of my all-time favorites from their past collections.  The taupe logo is subtle and the bright floral embroidery really stands out.  So girly!

I love these boots!  I call them my "Final Fantasy" boots because they look like they belong to the stylish, world-weary warrior that I wish I was.  I adore the deliberately aged leather look and filigree buckle details.
Meet Daisy, my silly, fox-faced Yorkie.  She loves cuddles more than any other dog I know.

Antique Key Necklace by Lovelina
All photos by Tetraeon Light Industries.

Sorry about the super-long, image-laden post, but there were so may photos that I wanted to share, it was hard whittling them down to just 10.  Lol.  Hope everyone is having a great Monday so far! :)



  1. such beautiful photographs! i love them all! lovely outfit, and adorable dog :o)

  2. Omgash!!! Your outfit is ADORABLE!!! I was squealing through out the whole time I was looking at your picture! The skirt, the tank and the cardigan goes so well together! Each piece is already fabulous on its own. Thank you for sharing those picture, you really look amazing!

  3. Thanks ladies! It was a spur-of-the-moment shoot and I'm glad it turned out so well. :)