Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Aquamarine: Wet N Wild Color Icon Blue Tutorial

I've been playing with my Wet N Wild Color Icon palette in Blue Had Me At Hello again and have recently been sporting a simple and sparkly blue look.  I was inspired by a cute film I saw a few years ago about a mermaid called "Aquamarine".

It wasn't a widely released movie, so I'm not sure if many people saw it, but vague memories of it helped me come up with this look.  I start with a primed eye:

Next, I line my top and bottom lid with bright blue pencil liner:

Then, using the teal shade from my palette, I layer shadow over the liner on my top and bottom lid:

After that, using the ice-blue shade, I highlight my brow bone:

Using black pencil liner, I accent the outer corners of my top and bottom lid:

Then I take some of the blue-black glitter shadow and layer it over the black eyeliner:

You can pretty much finish with mascara here, but for extra depth and drama, I add a little Wet N Wild MegaLiner liquid eyeliner to the top and bottom eyelid:

Now, I finish with mascara:

Option to add teal glitter for extra sparkle:

Complete look:

Simply Bowrific Necklace by Lovelina

I've been going out a lot with this eyeshadow look.  It's pretty and only takes a few minutes. :)  Hope y'all found this useful.  Have a great night!



  1. Thanks! Super easy and cheap too, at $5 a pop! :)

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