Friday, August 12, 2011

I Love: my Christian Louboutin wedding shoes!

Our wedding last summer was a black and white masquerade ball theme with pops of deep red.  Therefore, in preparation for the big event several months prior, I felt that nothing would pull my ensemble together quite like a pair of Christian Louboutin heels.  As luck would have it, Saks Fifth Avenue exclusively released a limited number of lace Louboutin Fetilo pumps in black and white that spring.  It was love at first sight.  As soon as I laid eyes on the rich, black satin, delicate netting, intricate floral embroidery, and famed red soles, I was dead-set on having these for my wedding day.  And I got them. :)

It nearly didn't work out!  Saks kept on shipping me the wrong size.  (I wear a 36 and they sent me 37's the first two shipments)  By the time I had requested a third shipment for the correct size, the shoe was SOLD OUT!  I was distraught!  However, being aware of my dire situation and determined to deliver the most excellent customer service ever, the Saks reps I spoke to over the phone managed to locate one last pair  somewhere in New York three days after giving me the bad news.  My shoes were promptly delivered shortly thereafter, thankfully, in the correct size.

I could have gotten at least a dozen pairs of shoes with what I paid for these, but they really made my wedding day (besides the groom, of course) and were worth every penny.  The great thing is, because they're black, I can wear them for other occasions as well.  So preeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttyyyy!  Don't you agree?


  1. i hope you get plenty of opportunities to wear them--they're gorgeous! <3

    when i first saw lacy heels, they immediately caught my attention. it was a pair of black booties from a high end designer and i considered buying a cheaper dupe for it. but in retrospect, i don't know what i could have worn it with... lacy booties might be too much to be versatile. i showed them to christine and she wasn't too wild about them haha. i suppose depending on the bootie, the lace could be like wearing lingerie for the feet in a not-so-good way. i have very little fashion sense so i don't know how to pull that off. ^^;

    however, your pumps are overall one of the most elegant shoes i've ever seen. :O it has a ladylike feel with an air of dark romance, and just enough lace detail that makes you think "that's how lace is done on the feet". lol so yes, i agreeee! and yes, i like lacy shoooes!

  2. I feel the same way. Lace shoes have to be executed very carefully or else one could end up committing a fashion faux pas. Louboutin did a very good job with these, however. I find them to be flawless. They'd be great with a cocktail dress, evening gown, or even cropped skinny jeans! For the record, however, they aren't the most comfortable thing in the world, which you would expect for the price. I guess I mostly paid for the red soles, lol. I intend to wear them to many an elegant dinner...where I will mostly be sitting.

  3. They are beautiful shoes; the skirt of your dress is beautiful as well. And now, whenever you go somewhere elegant to sit in your shoes :) not only will you enjoy the cache of the name, but also the memory that they are your perfect, serendipitous wedding shoes.