Thursday, June 28, 2012

Voluminous Waves Hair Tutorial

Waaaaaahhhhhhh!  I totally miss you guys!  In a nutshell, moving has been a of the water pipes in our new/old (85 years old, in fact) home busted last week and we haven't been able to use any water at all until just this morning.  Then, last night, there was the strong smell of gas in our kitchen.  The contractor checked it out this morning and confirmed that there was a gas leak!  That's not the half of it...still tons of stuff to be done, but I think we're almost there...just one more week or so to go until I don't have to worry about fixing any more problems or making any additional improvements.  I can't wait to get settled in already!  This whole home ownership business can get complicated quick!

But ANYWAYS, on to more interesting things.  Several weeks ago, the folks over at iVillage contacted me, asking if I'd be interested in doing a hair tutorial video for them.  I'm a fan of iVillage, so of course I was thrilled!  Anyways, it's been up for a couple of days now, but I haven't had the time to post.  If you want, you can check me out on iVillage's site.  I'll also post the YouTube video below as well.  Hope you like!

Before and After

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