Friday, June 22, 2012

Moving Pictures

Hi everyone!  I know it's been awhile, moving has been a little rough and not without some hiccups along the way.  To make matters more complicated, I've been out of town since yesterday and have been remotely trying to get settled in through my husband (who works 10-hour days) and my contractor...sigh.  Even as hectic as everything has been, I didn't want to leave you all high and dry as far as my progress and whereabouts.  I'll try to post something about my current trip tomorrow, but in the meantime, I'll just share some "moving pictures" with you all that I took via Instagram for iPhone last Sunday:

So yeah, we purchased our very first home!  I was so excited to share, but didn't want to post anything until the deal was sealed and everything was official!  It's the sweetest little house, built in 1927 with tons of adorable details and lots of character.  Y'all know I can't wait to decorate!  I look forward to posting my progress when we've settled in a little more and I get things just the way I want them!  Hope everyone is having a groovy Friday so far! :D



  1. Your new place looks sweet ! Very nice :)

    1. It's super adorable! I can't wait to make it look like an Anthropologie on the inside, lol!