Saturday, June 2, 2012

Elisha Coy Premium Gold Mineral BB

Since I liked Elisha Coy's Always Nuddy BB 24 so much, I thought I'd try their Premium Gold Mineral BB.  Unlike Always Nuddy, it has the added benefit of high SPF.  What I found from trying it is that Premium Gold offers more opaque coverage than Always Nuddy and I really like that you get good sun protection from it.  What I didn't like was the "whitening" effect, which means that it's at least a shade too light for my skin tone, so I had to set it with a darker-toned mineral setting powder so that my face wouldn't look pasty.  I just think it looks tacky on me when my face doesn't match the rest of the skin on my body.  For that I used ELF Mineral Foundation in Warm.  Unfortunately, stacking two foundations gave me an uber-Photoshopped face.  Fantastic for photos for sure, but unless you want to walk around looking like a mannequin, I don't know if I'd recommend it, lol.

That aside, I got a chance to create another look with my new Sleek palette.  Check it out:

For this look, I used Flesh (orangy-tan), Paper Bag (brown), Noir (dark charcoal), Dune (sandy-beige), and Pillow Talk (white).  I'm so loving my new palette!  I can't wait to try interesting looks with some of the other colors!  Hope you're all having a lovely Saturday so far!


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