Monday, June 4, 2012

UD Giveaway via Keiko Lynn

Hello friends!  Tis the week before finals and I have two big projects, an exam to study for, plus a research paper to write, thus, while I'll try my best, I might be absent for a little while.  I didn't have a post prepared today, so I thought I'd share a super-amazing giveaway by one of my favorite beauty and style bloggers, the gorgeous Keiko Lynn!  She's hosting a giveaway for Urban Decay of two incredible makeup sets, one geared towards a natural look, which includes the famous Naked 2 Palette, and another leaning towards a bright, funky look, featuring the Deluxe Shadow Box.  Check out her post for details on how to enter...I already have, hehehe!  Good luck!

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Isn't she lovely?  She's a total blog goddess and has pretty much reached internet celebrity status.  I sooooooooooo want her life!  Lol!  I wish Urban Decay would host a giveaway on StyleByCat.  Sigh...maybe one day! :D

On that note, happy Monday to all and have a good night!


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