Friday, June 1, 2012

Sleek Ultra Mattes V2 Palette

Wheeeeeeeee!  I purchased my first Sleek eyeshadow palette recently!  Sleek is a UK cosmetics brand that makes AMAZING makeup.  I know this because all the beautiful bloggers on the other side of the pond have been posting about their products and I've been absolutely DYING to get my hands on some!  I went to the Sleek Makeup website and was super excited about their wares...especially the eyeshadow palettes...especially the matte eyeshadow palettes.  Sadly, it seems that there's an ingredient that they use in their matte shadows that hasn't been FDA approved over here so they cannot be sold to American customers!  Boo hoo!  So I decided to be naughty and go on eBay to get my little paws on their Ultra Mattes V2 Darks palette.  Where there's a will, there's a way!  And the internet makes it so easy...mwahahahaha!

Such an AMAZING palette!  I'm a real sucker for mattes...they're so creamy and photo-friendly.  Here we have a good mix of both practical and pop-py colors.  They're also super-pigmented.  Just the lightest touch of my shadow brush brings a sweep of dense, opaque color.  Here's my first look using Thunder (grey), Ink (navy), and Pillow Talk (white):

The last picture was taken in natural window lighting...looks kinda purple, but you get the gist of the look, right? Lol.  I think my camera's white balance is off too.  Oh well.  Can't wait to play with my palette some more!  Hope you're all enjoying a great Friday so far!



  1. Nice look! :) I lovee sleek I have got sleek in storm and oh so special <3

    1. Thank you! :D I should definitely check those colors out...a girl can never have too much eyeshadow!