Sunday, January 8, 2012

Silver Rosy Lovebirds

Hey friends!  My Tweet Lovebirds on a Rose Branch necklace now comes in silver.  Just thought I'd share with you guys first. :D

Happy Sunday!



  1. hello, i am a girl from sweden and i just loooove your jewlery! One question though..can i buy the jewlery somewhere and if thats the case..where?

    Keep up the good work! I love your style and make up!


  2. Hi Josefin! Thank you and very nice to meet you. You can purchase my jewelry at this website:

    I appreciate all your kind words. Have a nice day! :D

  3. what a cute necklace, i'll be sure to check it out

  4. That is soo cute! :D I would like to have one..
    but buying from internet things , I'm nooo goood at thaat ;o

    and yeah, I'm swedish, so my english isnot the best ;P

  5. @Ishara: Thank you! FYI, I'm thinking about having a Valentine's Day sale starting this Friday, so you might consider waiting a bit if you're interested in buying. :)

    @Tina: Your english is lovely! :) I hope that I'll be able to sell jewelry outside of the internet one of these days!