Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lovelina for Ruche

Hey, here's something cool.  Ruche is selling one of my designs, a more dainty version of the bird and leaf lariat that's been so popular lately.  Check it out:

They called it the Perched Dove Necklace, isn't it cute?  The stones are genuine Swarovski crystals, even though they described them as "translucent green beads" which doesn't quite sound as valuable.  Oh well, the point is that they like my style enough to sell my jewelry which makes me super-happy! :D

Anyways, sorry I'm delayed with my beauty posts.  I actually have a winged eyeliner technique YouTube tutorial in the works.  I just couldn't get it up today because my voice-over would have sounded terrible with my stuffy sick voice today. :(  I'll see about getting it up tomorrow though!  Night night everyone!


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