Thursday, January 5, 2012

Candie's Gold Glitter Platform Pumps

I was at Kohl's last night and made an impulse buy.  It was an excellent move, however, in my opinion.  $28 marked down from $60 PLUS 20% off!  How could I say no?

As you know, I am totally obsessed with all things sparkly recently, especially those in the golden-hued range.  As glitzy as they are, I feel they can be easily dressed down as well.  I tried them on with some dark, super-skinny jeggings:

Wouldn't they look great with my lacy dress for Valentine's day? (yeah, I know I'm thinking pretty far ahead)

Anywho, just thought it'd be fun to share!  Hope everyone's having a great Thursday night! :D



  1. they are reaally cute, wish they had a candies in Holland

  2. wow, love your pumps! <3 And what a cute lace dress! n_n

  3. In love!!! Reminds me that i need another pair of statement heels... ;)

  4. @Ishara: Aw, that's too bad! :( I love that they're cute AND cheap...fits my budget. :D

    @Yak Man: I can't wait to wear them with my dress! :)

    @Ivonne: I feel you! I'm so addicted to heels even though they hurt! Haha.