Thursday, January 12, 2012

Beauty Tips for the New Year by Liz Davies

Hi everyone!  Today I'd like to share a health and beauty article, authored by Liz Davies, Style By Cat's first guest writer.  She has some really useful and important tips for us all in order to kick off a successful new year being the best we can be be, both inside and out.  These are great tips, not only as a start to the new year, but to keep in mind all year round.  So let's give her a listen, I'm sure you'll find her article to be quite helpful. :)

Beauty Tips for the New Year

The holidays are a time when people are surrounded with friends, family and even co-workers at New Years parties and get-togethers. Therefore, it is important for important for women to always look their best so that they make the best impression on those they are around. Plus, when people look good, they feel good, and that puts them in better holiday spirits.

Teeth Whitening
Most New Years parties, especially ones held with family and friends, involves picture taking. People love to commemorate holidays and special events with snapshots, so it’s important that people’s smiles look their best. White teeth instantly make a person look better in her pictures as well as feel better on a day-to-day basis. If professional dental whitening from a dentist can’t be afforded, there are plenty of over-the-counter whitening treatments available on the market that can do the trick. If professional treatments are desired it is likely there is a dentist down the street that has services available. Teeth whitening has become a popular service for California to DC dentist offices to offer with many options available.

Skin Care
Winter weather tends to dry out the skin, and no one wants dry, scaly skin. Therefore, daily moisturizing face and skin creams are a must throughout the holiday season. Facial skin care is the most important since the face is the base for makeup and one of the first things that people notice. For people with naturally dry skin, winter skin care is especially essential. Moisturizing before bed and before makeup application in the morning provides the best results.

Makeup Choices
Makeup can be used to play up festivities as well. The party season is known for color, and implementing some into makeup application can add to the holiday look. For example, frosted eye shadow fits in nicely with the winter holiday season, and red lipstick can complement and bring out holiday colors very nicely. Glitter, when done in moderation, can add a festive feel to a style. The key to implementing color into makeup application is to do it in moderation. Style By Cat has excellent tips on fun ideas for parties!

With the party season comes dinners and catering. Eating is expected at holiday get-togethers, but the key is not to go overboard. Some tricks that can keep people from over-eating at parties is to have a healthy snack like raw veggies before attending the party. That way people won’t be ravenous and overindulge. The less hungry a person is, the less likely she will be to sample every hors d’oeuvres offered.

Following such beauty tips throughout the holidays will help make people feel and look better, not only throughout the holiday season, but afterwards as well.

Liz Davies is a recent college graduate and aspiring writer especially interested in beauty and fashion. She wants to make a difference in people’s lives by spreading positive messages. Liz also likes shopping, hanging out with friends, reading and playing with her dog, April.

If you have any questions or comments, you can click here to contact Liz via email.


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