Sunday, January 1, 2012

Rollergirl by Urban Decay

I couldn't wait to try out my new Urban Decay Rollergirl Palette so I figured I'd post a tutorial in order to kill two birds with one stone.

Rollergirl is a fantastic palette that includes 3 neutral shades (Verve, Suspect, and Darkhorse) and a poppin' hot pink (Woodstock).  It also comes with a 24/7 eyeliner pencil in Whisky and Lip Junkie gloss in Crush, both in travel sizes.  Not only are the colors gorgeously pigmented, versatile, and easy to work with, but the compact is sleek, attractive, and extremely portable, perfect for quick day-to-night transformations.

For today's tutorial, I'm going to show you guys how I used Rollergirl to create this look:

To start, I'm going to prime my eyelids with my current favorite primer, Lime Crime's Candy Eyed:

Next, I'm going to add some Verve, a "pale oyster shimmer" to the inner corner of my upper eyelid:

Then, I'm going to take some Darkhorse, a deep brown with golden flecks, and apply it to the outer corner of my upper eyelid:

Once I've completed that step, I'm going to apply Suspect, a taupe-y bronze shimmer, above Darkhorse:

Using a fluffy brush, I'm going to carefully blend the colors so that there are no visible harsh lines:

Now I'm going to take some hot pink Woodstock and apply it along my bottom lash line:

Using a thin, bent eyeliner brush, I'm going to apply black gel/cream eyeliner to my top and bottom lash lines, making sure to wing it along the top lash line:

For extra sparkle, I'm going to enhance my eyeliner with the gold Sephora glitter liner that was gifted to me over the holiday:

Holy cow!  I soooooooo LOVE the way this looks!  Uh obsession!  Be prepared to see a lot more gold glitter liner in future posts!  lol

Curl my lashes and add mascara and I'm nearly done:

You know I'm gonna have to add some fun, glittery eyelashes to really complete the look!

Don't they make such a big difference?  Don't forget, you can now win TWO pairs of your own glittery Daiso lashes in my latest GIVEAWAY!  

Almost done!  I'm just going to apply some Lip Junkie gloss in Crush to my lips:

It's a sheer, shiny pop of pink that is more subdued on the lips than in the tube, which is perfect for today's look!  It's smooth, moisturizing, smells and tastes mint chocolate chip. :D  

Overall look:

The Rollergirl Palette totally met my expectations and I had so much fun creating today's look with it, one of my favorites in awhile!  I can't wait to see what else I can come up with!  Hope you guys found this tutorial and review useful!  Happy January 1st!



  1. Omg I LOVE this look!!! You keep on impressing me with every post! I'm going to have to find some dupes for these colors and try the look!!! This is very pretty, thank you for the tutorial!!!

  2. Thanks Jennifer! I'm particularly pleased with this look myself. :D

  3. Very pretty! I may have to try this look! I have that palette.

  4. Nice look! I have woodstock in another palette and really love the color :)

  5. @Phyrra: You totally should! Isn't this a fab palette?

    @Pearl: OMG, yes! Woodstock is one of my fav UD colors! :D

  6. nice look! I would've never thought to try that combination...I've already added the palette to my basket, I'm just not sure if I should checkout lol

  7. Hi! I saw your blog on and i really like it! The colors of this look are very pretty.


  8. Love the colours! great tutorial idea haven't seen many with step by step looks i might be able too pull it off now! Thank you :)

  9. Ooh, I'm gonna have to try this! I normally put Suspect on the outer corner and top with Woodstock.

  10. @Laura: Hi! So glad you found me! I'm going to do a "thank you" post to for featuring me, that was so nice of her!

    @squigglezB: Thank you! I'm glad you found this tutorial helpful. :)

    @SoNotIram: Thanks! :D

    @Karen: Cool! I'll have to try it your way too! :)

  11. This is stunning! Found you through Makeup and Beauty Blog; great work. :) I am obsessing over that glitter liner.

  12. Hi Arianne! So glad you found me. :D Thanks for checking out my blog! Oh yeah, I've been wearing this liner nearly every day since I've posted this, lol.