Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Featured on Miss Lipgloss!

Imagine my surprise when I groggily grabbed my phone this morning to check email and noticed a sudden surge of subscribers and traffic on Style By Cat.  Holy heck, how did that happen?!  So I read through some of my new comments and learned that I had been featured by a very, very prominent beauty blogger from Holland named Cynthia who has a blog called Miss Lipgloss:

Yep, that's me!  How cool is that?  I'm always so surprised and grateful when I get featured by amazing bloggers. :D  It gives me such a great opportunity to meet new readers from all over the world which makes me super-happy!

Anyways, I really wish I were literate in Dutch, but I guess I could get the gist of what her post is about. I don't know much about Cynthia except that she's a gorgeous, very accomplished beauty blogger with an uber-professional site which makes mine look pretty ghetto by comparison, lol.  Check her out if you're not already subscribed to her!

Soooooooooooooo if you're reading this, thanks Cynthia!  You're awesome! :D



  1. Congratulations on being featured!

  2. Jups, Cynthia brought me here :D
    She has like 1.500.000 unique visitors every month and more than 3.500.000 hits. =D

    My English isnt that great, but I'll try to translate!

    Last week I cam across the blog of "cat". An Asian girl that makes amazing make up looks. I kept scrolling on her blog and I realised that this blog could be a very fun and interesting blog voor a lot of girls!

    I always get a lot of mails everyday of Asian girls that don't really know how to do eye-make up. I would say, take a look at Style by Cat for inspiration, she post often looks and shows step by step how she makes it. She also poest video's where she shows a look.

    She makes particulary bright looks, with girly colours and often very bold lips. It's different, so fun! She is very good at it and you can learn a lot if you are Asian yourself! But offcours it's very fun to look at if you arent, I think Style By Cat is a very fun blog!

    Also check her youtube channel for more. I don't understand why this talented, fun, beautiful lady doesnt have more visitors and views!

    I know my english is very bad, the translation isnt 100% the same, hope you understand!

  3. I read Cynthia's blog almost eveyday (I'm from Holland also). If you want to read her posts, you can use Google Translation. It's not perfect, the grammer is not that great when you use google translation. But at least you can read most of the text and understand more. Maybe that way you can still read Cynthia's blog! I like your make-up style!

  4. that's great, cat! congrats on being featured! it's always exciting when something like that happens..i was so excited when i got featured by thebeautydepartment! haha. :) congrats again!


  5. Had same idea as fleursbeautytips...


  6. @Jennifer: Thank you! :)

    @Hoi-Yi: Wow, thank you so much for going through the trouble of translating for me! Your English is fantastic, much better than my Dutch for sure! Haha. That's so nice, thanks again! I'm looking forward to following her blog. :)

    @Grace: Whoa! I love thebeautydepartment! Congrats to you too! :D

    @Fleursbeautytips & Ella: Oh, duh! Thanks girls. :D

  7. I found your blog through Cynthia's too, and I really love your blog. If you ever want to read a post on her blog and Google translate isn't doing it for you (I know grammar and such is not its strenght), you can always email me (or perhaps Hoi-Yi ;)) and ask for a translation.
    By the way, Cynthia was recently listed in the top of the Viva 400, a list with people who've accomplished a few things in the Netherlands, so that might explain why her blog looks so professional; because she is a professional. =)

  8. I found your blog through Killer colours. I am not Asian girl, but I really like your makeup style and your writing style too. And I am crazy about one of your pair of shoes lol

    keep writing
    best wishes

  9. Congratz on getting featured,, Cynthia's blog olso got me here! I'am so happy for you!.

  10. i'm from Holland too but discovered you via Viola from Killercolours! In the comments on misslipgloss.nl i reccomanded everyone to visit your shop Lovelina to spot the lovely jewellery you make :)

  11. I'm from Belgium. I read about this site on Miss Lipgloss, it's great! I am half Asian and I was looking for a site of an Asian girl. I found it! I think this site is great, I will visit it every day! Lucky I understand English.

  12. I'm also from Holland.
    I emmediately did a subscription to your youtube channel, and I'm definately gonna add your blog to my bloglovin.
    You're gorgeous, keep up the good work.
    If you wanna have the text translated (about what Cynthia says, I could translate it for you).
    x Britney

  13. Aww, that's so sweet! You're very welcome ;D

  14. @Nicole & Britney: I'm so glad you found me via Cynthia and I'm so grateful that I now have a fantastic team of multi-lingual ladies that are kind enough to help me with translations so that I can also enjoy misslipgloss.nl! Thank you so much for your generosity! :D

    @Dada: Of course we can't forget the lovely Viola! She did a great service for me also. :) You should TOTALLY get the shoes! They're on sale right now! :D

    @M+F=ME: Thanks for the congrats, so nice to meet you! :)

    @Ivonne: Thanks so much for your support of Style By Cat and Lovelina! I'm really lucky to have a reader like you! :D

    @Melissa: Thanks for all your kind words. :) I hope that my blog will be both entertaining and useful to you!

    @Hoi-Yi: xoxo

  15. Hey Cat, I found you thanks to Cynthia! You have an amazing blog, so I bookmarked you ^^ Cynthia is amazing and so are you and your blog xxx Bambi

  16. I've found your blog by her blog too! If you cant, I can translate it a bit (i'm dutch too). I really love your blog!

  17. you are doing pretty well these days, actually you became very popular, well done girl :)
    hei, I really tried to order shoes, but they do not ship for my country (Bosnia and Herzegowina), :(

  18. She is so sweet, isnt she? Thanks to her I found my way to you, and I love following asian bloggers, because I'm asian myself :). I really love your looks and pictures :). Keep it up!

  19. @Bambi: Aw, that is so nice of you to say! Thanks for taking the time to check out my little blog. :)

    @Iris: Thanks, that's fantastic! I'm so happy to have yet another translation volunteer! :D

    @Dada: Oh, I'm sorry they don't ship the shoes to where you are! :( Hopefully a better shoe will come along that's available to you!

    @BellaChique: Awesome! I'm glad to meet you and appreciate your kind words. I hope you'll find my blog to be useful! :D

  20. Hi cat! I also found your blog thanks to cythia. I'm asian too and i always have troubles making eye looks, because none of the Dutch beauty blogs i follow have monolids. I'm so happy i found your videos! I'll be following you on bloglovin' :D

  21. Hi Marsha! I'm happy you found me too! I hope my blog posts will be useful towards helping you with eye looks. :)