Monday, February 24, 2014

My Beauty Addiction HD Lip Paints

Vibrant lipsticks are so fun to play with! I especially covet the more eccentric colors. Unfortunately, lipsticks in more unusual shades, such as blues and greens, tend to be on the pricier side. Companies such as Lime Crime and Melt make beautiful, unconventionally colored lip products, but at $15 - $20 apiece, an offbeat collection of lip colors can quickly empty your pockets.

Anyways, I was browsing some indie makeup brands on Etsy when I came across My Beauty Addiction, or MBA Cosmetics. I was on a mission for cosmetic glitter, but noticed that they offered a product called HD Lip Paints. Sounds pretty intense, right? I was excited to see that they had such a huge variety of vibrant shades. They're also very reasonably priced and come in full-sized tubes or petite tubes, depending on how much you want to spend and how much you want to commit to a certain color. That, in itself, is pretty darn cool! 

I decided to try out three shades: Grape Crush, Hypnotic, and Indigo.

Petite, slim tubes. Grape Crush, Hypnotic, Indigo.

At $5 apiece, I'm pretty happy with them. Grape Crush looks pinker in photos for some reason, but it's a very pretty shade of violet and is probably the most "normal" of the colors I selected. Hypnotic is the most intensely opaque of the three. I'd consider it a good alternative to Lime Crime's No She Didn't if you don't feel like dropping $18. All colors are fairly faithful in real life to the on-screen representation from the company's site. It's pretty trippy seeing Indigo on in person, beautiful color, though a little more challenging than the other two to apply in an even coat. 

Still, I'm tempted to pick up the yellow and some of the greens, as well, from their collection. The formula is incredibly creamy and not at all drying like many opaque lipsticks. Removing Grape Crush and Hypnotic wasn't really a problem and Indigo wasn't so bad, though it did leave a raspberry-colored stain. I can't really tell you much in terms of wear. I sort of swatched, photographed, and removed since I was going out and these didn't seem appropriate for the occasion.

Anyhoo, here are the full-faced looks with these lipsticks so you get an idea of the overall effect:

Pretty groovy, right? The late afternoon window lighting makes my skin appear a little cooler than it normally would. That or the eccentric colors from the lipsticks threw off the white balance, I'm not sure. But you get the idea.

Alrighty, well, happy Monday, everyone! This was an especially fun post to do and I hope you guys enjoyed it! :D



  1. do you go outside of your house wearing lippies like this?
    if so, you are my hero!!
    we need more colors on the streets :D

    1. Haha, not quite...but I'm working on it! ^_^