Saturday, November 3, 2012

Midnight Lace

I stopped into CVS yesterday to pick up some toiletries that I was running low on...cotton rounds, makeup remover, etc...ineveitably, I also picked up some things I did NOT need.  Lol.  Every time I walk into a drugstore, without fail, I'll always take the time to peruse the makeup aisle.  I wouldn't be StyleByCat if I didnt, right?

Maybelline recently came out with a line of press-on nail designs called Color Show Fashion Print Nail Stickers.  Being a fan of all things sensuous and elegant, I chose the Midnight Lace pattern:

Isn't it pretty?  Midnight Lace is made to emulate black eyelash lace with a shimmery overlay and studded with sparkling sequins.  I got a little too excited and didn't get a chance to photograph the packaging before I tore it all up. :(  I found this image from Musings of a Muse, however, so that you can get an idea of what to look for when you visit your local drugstore:

Image property of Musings of a Muse

I'm so in love!  In fact, I became rather inspired and with a little ingenuity, I managed to give myself a pedicure with it too!

I'm not sure about lasting power because it's not even been a day yet, although they did last through my Muay Thai training session this morning!  Also, unlike some other nail patterns that are actually nail polish strips, these are advertised as just stickers.  The pros are that they're pretty simple to apply and you don't have to worry about drying time.  Removal instructions just tell you to carefully peel them off, which leads me to believe that if they peel off so easily, they probably won't last more than a few days without losing their ability to adhere to our nails due to natural oil excretion.  Oh well!  These would at least make gorgeous mani/pedis for a special occasion or event.

Price was about $8 USD per package, which costs approxmiately the same as my favorite bottle of nail polish.  However, my favorite bottle of nail polish isn't going to give me such a smashing mani/pedi!  Compared to something similar a nail artist could do for me at a salon, I'd say these are a steal!

Happy Saturday all, and goodnight! :D



  1. Hey Cat! I've missed you, and your blog :) These look great - I've been trying to resist buying nail stickers lately, but I may have to succumb soon, espcially after seeing these.

    1. Aw, missed you too! Yeah, they're totally worth it! $8 for a fancy mani/pedi? Steal! xoxo