Sunday, November 11, 2012

Ardell 120 Demi Eyelashes

Y'all know I love my dollar Daiso eyelashes, but sometimes I crave quality over frugality and novelty.  I was at my local CVS drugstore the other day when I spied a pair of Ardell 120 Demi Lashes.  They looked so delicate, yet dramatic.  I wanted to try them to compare with my cheap-o Daiso lashes.

They're made from real human hair and are super-ultra-lightweight.  Honestly, I can't feel a thing when I'm wearing them.  I also love how they have an invisible band so they blend right in with my natural lashes  The length and flare are just so pretty.  I'm afraid I might have to throw all my cheap plastic lashes out and replace them with these!  At about $4 USD a pair, they're really not priced so bad.  They're also reusable as long as you store them correctly.  You can get yours here at!

Nice lashes make such a big difference, they definitely help your eyes stand out more:

Boring, unadorned eyes.

Boom!  Eyelashes!

Honestly, I'd wear these every day if I wasn't so lazy to put them on.  I'll definitely be decorating my peepers with these for the upcoming holiday parties.  They're so photogenic!

Hope everyone's having an amazing Sunday!