Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bebe Spree!

My friends and family were intuitive enough regarding my recent taste in dresses to gift me with an abundance of Bebe gift cards for my last birthday.  I've been waiting for something really good to come along and the day has finally come!  Here are my three picks:

Bebe Elastic Cutout Dress: This one was a steal!  Originally $129 USD, it's been marked down to $ an additional 30% for a total of $77!  I love the shape and color of this dress.  The sheer, mesh cutout pieces make the style so unique! 

Mesh Insert Bandage Dress: Simple, classy, sexy.  I like the whole idea of showing skin without showing skin...although this will definitely reveal a whole lot of leg!

Ruched 3/4 Sleeve Dress: I love the color and the ruched detailing...reminds me of corsetry.  I think the ruched panels will be very figure flattering.  Plus, I like the idea of a long-sleeved bodycon dress, something I have yet to own.  I can see this being easily dressed down a notch by wearing boots instead of pumps and paired with a cool moto jacket.

Can't wait to get my dresses in and to share with you all!  Happy Saturday!  Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!



  1. The second dress is definitely my favourite... stunning :) xxx

    1. Yeah, it's definitely the easiest one to wear. I'm sure I'll get a ton of mileage from that one! :)