Sunday, November 4, 2012

Craving these ASOS dresses!

Holidays are coming around which means that there are events to attend.  I've been "window" shopping.  (that is, in my browser windows)  I just can't get over all the gorgeous clothes available at ASOS!  Not only are they reasonably priced for the quality, but they make beautiful items for petite women like me.  Here are some dresses I'm craving for the season...a couple would make wonderful holiday outfits, a couple would make for a hot date or girls night out!

Pinstripe pencil dress.  Sooooooo Mad Men!

Embellished strappy back dress.  NSFW.  ;)

Lasercut hi-lo hem dress.  For an elegant affair.

Bodycon lace dress.  To make the boys cry.

There are waaaaaaaaaay too many things that I love here.  I want to buy out half the store, really.  *sigh*  If only I could win the lotto...I guess that would mean I'd actually have to play it!  Lol, maybe I'll splurge on an item or two before the holidays are over.  Happy browsing and enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening!



  1. Final dress is so gorgeous! I love the lace... sadly, there is no way I would ever be able to work that braless -.- xxx

    1. Yeah, backless gets a little tricky. I was considering either pasties one of those adhesive backless bras. :/