Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July MyGlam Continued!

Hi there!  I've got 3 different July MyGlam products on...can you tell? :D  Most likely not, so I'll just go over them with you, haha!

The first product I used today was Nume's Hydro Punch hair conditioner:

Personally, I think it smells nice.  Instructions tell you to work it into your scalp and wet hair, but since I have a tendency towards oily hair, I just used it on my ends.  I'm not sure if I noticed much of a difference once I dried my hair and styled as usual.  I guess the only thing I can say is that I felt my hair didn't hold as well after curling because I'm assuming the additional conditioner weighed it down a little. (I'm already using a 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner plus It's A 10 leave-in conditioner)

The next product I used today was Green Apple sunscreen moisturizer by Juice Beauty:

It has a very pleasant, citrus-y fragrance that I really enjoyed.  The formula itself is VERY thick...more like a cream than a lotion.  Since I've been using bb cream with sunscreen lately, I've been skipping my morning moisturizer, therefore I opted for loose mineral makeup today to avoid oily skin from layering bb cream over moisturizer.  It's fine, however an extra step in my summer makeup routine.  I'll probably be saving this for the cooler months.

And the final MyGlam product I have on is Josie Maran's Magic Marker Lip & Cheek Stain:

I made sure that my lips were product-free when applying this stain.  It felt a little funny, like I was rubbing a Crayola marker on my lips, lol.  I got a sheer, but bright pop of color that was extremely lightweight to the point that I felt that there was nothing on my lips.  The finish is matte, unless you choose to layer gloss over it.  Typically, I'm on the fence about lip stains.  To me, they look like lipstick that's been worn off.  I prefer my lips to look either glossy or opaque, in general.  That being said, I don't think it looked bad on me, just isn't my first choice as far as lip color.  On the plus side, I don't get gunky lipstick stains coming off on my teacup in the morning, hooray!  My biggest gripe would be that my lips feel so dry...I guess I'm just used to the feeling of gloss/balm on my mouth at all times, so having a stain on with nothing else feels weird.

Oh yeah!  I knew I forgot something!  Last night, I tried the Facial Towelettes makeup remover wipes by Yes To Cucumbers:

They smelled nice and were soothing-feeling, but didn't remove makeup half as well as my usual makeup remover favorites are by Neutrogena.  I really had to work to get my waterproof eye makeup off...something you really don't want to do around your sensitive eye area.  For the most stubborn eye makeup, I find that L'Oreal's Clean Artiste for Waterproof Makeup works the very best for me!

Well, I guess that's all of it!  Hope you guys found this review useful and have a lovely Wednesday night!