Wednesday, July 25, 2012

FFOTD! there such thing?  Well, if there isn't, there is now!  Face AND fashion of the day!  Got a busy day ahead of me and thought I'd do something simple, but spectacular!  Well...I wouldn't call myself spectacular, but I like using alliteration. :)  So I went for my favorite go-to look of the summer, neutral eyes with a color-pop lip:

Yes, I'm still in my sleep!

Gawd!  My hair is getting so unmanageably LONG!  Which is why I'm off to Danny's for a haircut today.  Will post my new 'do tonight! :D  But,'s the breakdown of today's makeup look:

(been slow to post the review on this...sorry!)




Feelin' kinda blah today because the weather is on the cooler side...below 70 degrees F, so I figured I'd liven things up with some colorful denim:

As you can see, my fashion photographer has been too busy to fulfill his duties as of late, so you guys are going to have to bear with these self-shots via iPhone for awhile, lol.  Hope you don't mind!  The cami and cardigan are from Hollister, mint denim (although they look more aqua here) is from ASOS Petite Collection, and the linen bow slingback heels are by Rampage.

Hope everyone's having a good hump day (Wednesday) so far!  Can't wait to show off the new hair later!



  1. Love your makeup! Pretty like always!

    Love the outfit too! I haven't dared to follow this new trend of colored denim yet. :/

  2. Thanks Jennifer! :D When you're ready, I think you should rock red denim with red lips!