Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Makeup Tutorial: Bubblegum POP!

I'm so excited about my new blue liquid and glitter eyeliners that I just couldn't wait to feature them in another post.  I've been experimenting with some bright looks and came up with this one.  Ever since Disney's Sleeping Beauty, I've always liked the combination of bright pink and blue.  I test drove this look while shopping at the mall and got some nice compliments so I decided that we'd do a tutorial, yay!

As usual, I start with primed eyelids:

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden

For this look, I only use 2 shadow colors: bright pink and dark blue from my ELF 100 colors palette.

I begin by applying the bright pink shade to my upper eyelid:

Next, I line my top and bottom lash lines with blue eyeliner, which acts like a primer to brighten and stabilize the blue shadow:

CoverGirl LiquiLine Blast in Blue Boom

Then I layer the dark blue shadow over the liner, smudging and blending to soften the edges:

I also add a little more pink along the outer edge of the bottom blue shadow:

Next, I draw a wing on my upper lid as well as enhancing the outer corner of the bottom lid with liquid liner .

Sephora Collection Long Lasting Eyeliner in Navy Black
Then I emphasize my top lid wing by layering glitter liner over it.

Sephora Collection Glitter Eyeliner in Teal
I'm really frustrated that you can't see how sparkly and shimmery the glitter is in photos.  It catches the light so prettily in real life!  The teal glitter also adapts easily to different shades of blue, so it's really versatile.  I'm sure it works great with greens too!  It really stings when I apply it though. :(  In order to speed up the drying process and to decrease the sting, I set my hairdryer to "low" and blow dry my eyelids.  Strange, I know, but it helps.

Add mascara and I'm done!

Someone had asked me about eyeshadow that stands out while wearing glasses.  I immediately thought of this look.  It's much brighter in real life than in photos and I assure you that it packs a massive punch, even behind a pair of glasses.  Just to demonstrate, here's a picture of me rocking Bubblegum POP with my glasses on:

growing out my bangs = awkward hair phase
With or without glasses, this look is sure to garner plenty of attention!  Have fun trying it out!



  1. wow so pop~ How come I can't get my eyeshadow to go on as bright? >.<

  2. Have you tried using the primer? It really intensifies the pigment! :D