Monday, June 27, 2011

Double Product Review and Tutorial: Sephora Glitter Eyeliner and Long Lasting Eyeliner

Alright folks, since I've been sooooooooo behind on my posts, I've decided to do a 3-for-1 today.  We have a tutorial PLUS a double product review so I'm aiming for something fun, productive, and informative!

I'm going to do a bronze and blue look accented with teal glitter, using some products I already own and featuring 2 new eyeliners from Sephora's own collection.  So let's start with a primed eye:

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden

I'm going to use this very old and outdated Urban Decay palette that was a hand-me-down from my sister a few years ago.  I still think they make these colors, but I don't think this exact palette is available any longer.  The colors I'll be using have check marks next to them:

Chopper, Smog, and Shattered

I'm going to start by applying Chopper, a glittery golden bronze shade, to my eyelid.

Next, I'm going to blend Smog, a shimmery medium brown shade, to the outer corner of my upper eyelid.

Once I've completed this step, I'm going to line my upper and lower lid lines with bright blue eyeliner.

CoverGirl LiquiLine Blast in Blue Boom

Using Shattered, a medium teal shade with a hint of golden shimmer, I'm going to layer over the eyeliner.

Here comes our new product test.  I'm going to use Sephora's Long Lasting Eyeliner in Navy Black to line my top and bottom lash lines.

Navy Black is a deep, shimmery blue that can be a great alternative to using plain ol' black.  It's dark enough to be a good black substitute, but has enough to color to give you a more interesting look.  It has a finely pointed, but soft felt tip and long handle which is very good for precision lining.  The formula is smooth and the color is pigmented.  I was easily able to make a nice wing for the top lid line and add a touch of color to the outer corner of my bottom lid line.  It's also long-lasting as described.  I would say it's a pretty good buy for $10.

Note: the color was darker in person than on camera

New product #2: Sephora's Glitter Eyeliner in Teal.  

 The glitter liner is a clear gel packed with glitter particles.  I used it to accent my winged liner on my top lid line.

Unfortunately, it doesn't show well in photographs at all.  However, it's super pretty and sparkly in person, so don't be fooed!  I really love it.  The salesgirl at Sephora told me that Urban Decay sells a similar product for $18.  She suggested the Sephora brand because a.) it wears longer.  b.) you get twice as much product.  c.) it's only $12.  That's too tough to say no to, I was sold!  My only gripe about it is that it stings for a few seconds following application.  Not sure why, but I like the look too much to stop using it, so I guess I'll keep using it until it gets recalled or I go blind.  Whichever comes first.

Add mascara and I'm done!
Here's the *somewhat* finished look.  I was just too lazy to wait to finish hair, but I guess this will do.

Have fun trying out the products and look and Happy Monday!



  1. Is the sephora long lasting eye liner just as good as the prestige liner that you've been recommending? I want something that will give me that nice winged look.

  2. It's a draw. The brush on the Prestige liner allows for perfectly precise and executed lines. However, the formula for the Sephora liner is more long-lasting and doesn't flake. It depends on what your top priority is.