Wednesday, June 1, 2011

New Hairstyle: The Big Bang!

For the past few months I've been complaining about how I hate my hair.  I've just been sooooooooo bored with it.  So, today, I decided to bite the bullet and do something about it.  I had been entertaining the thought of having a bold, strong bang for awhile, but have shied from it because I haven't had bangs since I was 11 years old.  I HATED bangs back then because  my mom forced them on me.  Having bowl-cut bangs is a traditional look for little Vietnamese girls and I couldn't wait until I was old enough to get rid of them for good.

Oh how times have changed.  The mushroom-head look suddenly seemed so appealing.  I was in San Francisco Japantown on Monday and saw this photo in the Kinokuniya bookstore:

I was sold at first site.  Of course, I didn't want to pay the $18 for the magazine that this style was featured in, so I decided to be a sneak and stole off to some quiet corner of the store and saved this image to my iPhone.

I went to my longtime hairstylist today and shoved it in his face.  "Make me look like this!" I told him.  After an hour and a half, I came out looking like this:

That's Danny and me.  He's amazing!  Didn't he do a wonderful job?
I'm really happy with the results and am grateful for the change.  I almost chickened out at the last minute, but decided, "what the heck, hair grows back anyway, right?"

Me this morning vs. me right now (in my jammies)
1. My hair looks great!  I'm so excited about the change!
2. Drawing in my eyebrows is now optional.

1. My bangs poke me in the eyes and my peripheral vision is now limited.
2. I need to get them trimmed every 2-3 weeks.

All in all, I'm pretty happy.  I'm thinking about going back to get the bangs trimmed up a little higher because, while this looks good, it really annoys the heck out of me to have something brushing up against my lashes 24/7.  Let me know your thoughts.


  1. lookin good cat! you look sooo different, but in a good way haha. can be lazy about your eyebrows now XD i guess eyemake up too lol

  2. cool! this look looks awesome! :D i love love bangs! you look so different and fresh. change is always great, hehe.

  3. Thanks girls! I like the bangs too. It seems like I'm surprising people left and right with my new look. One thing that everyone agrees on: they make me look younger. Sounds good to me!