Saturday, June 25, 2011

Casual Summer Style by Victoria's Secret

So summer has finally come around and I've been more than happy to be rid of all my chunky, layered, winter clothes.  One thing I've been stuck with, however, are my fleece sweatpants from Hollister.  Don't get me wrong, they look and feel great!  Since joining The Bar Method workout studio, I've been wearing them to class.  The problem is, working out wearing fleece sweatpants in 80+ degree weather is no fun.  I found the solution to that problem while browsing the yoga wear section in a Victoria's Secret catalogue:

These cropped yoga leggings are fantastic!  They look and feel great on.  The waistline is not too low, but not too high, giving you the appearance of a flat stomach.  The material is comfy, yet firm and stretchy, tucking and slimming in all the right places to give the illusion that you have a nice booty and toned legs.  You can purchase them 2/$50 here: Yoga Crop Leggings  I like them so much that I wear them outside of the exercise studio as well.  They're casual, yet fashionable with heels and a long-length tank, tee, or tunic.

Oooh, and then I got me two pairs of these guys:

Best flip flops ever!  I've been buying these for years.  They have a dainty, contoured shape, which differentiates them from flat, basic flip flops.  There's a bit of a wedge heel, which makes them more feminine.  Also, the little bit of lift makes your calves and butt look really good while elongating the shape of your legs.  They're super-duper comfy as well.  The straps and footbed and nice a cushy.  I can walk in them for miles and I literally have!  The only thing is that I need to buy new ones every year.  They're foam, so they don't last much longer than a year of wear and tear.  I got them in white and navy.  White looks great, but gets dirty real fast.  I'd snatch them up ASAP.  They just went on sale from 2/$30 to $6.99 a pair.  Get yours here: Double Strap Flip Flop

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