Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Product Review: L'Oreal Clean Artiste

Hi friends!  Sorry I've been absent.  I've been busy with things and have felt horribly guilty because I'm usually so good about updating my posts.  And, to slow things down even more so, I went snowboarding over the weekend, had a bad fall, and have been feeling like a 100-year-old woman for the last 2 days, which hasn't helped.  I've got some tutorials waiting in the wings, but won't have time to post them till tomorrow.  In the meantime, I hope a good product review will do.

I really love to spend lots of time on my eye makeup.  I want it to look good and I want it to last for at least 12 hours.  Usually, it does.  The problem is removing it.  With all the time I put into making it smudgeproof, the downside is that it's also removal-proof.  For the longest time, I would use cold cream.  Cold cream is effective and gentle, but it's messy and, more often than not, it gets in my eyes which makes for blurry vision for a few minutes which is really annoying.  So, about a year ago, I discovered Clean Artiste, by L'Oreal.  It's a gentle, yet powerful eye makeup remover that's especially good to use on long-wearing and waterproof makeup.

The formula dissolves makeup on contact and finishes with a clean, non-greasy feel.  Of course I still wash my face with cleanser afterwards in order to remove all traces of dirt and oil.  I purchased a bottle from Target for about $6 and it's lasted for months.  Lancome also makes a comparable product, I think it's called Bi-Facil.  Works great, but will cost you 5x more.  Meh, I'd rather save money.

Anywho, Clean Artiste is definitely one of my must-have items for my bathroom cabinet.  For best results, I recommend using it with CVS brand premium cotton rounds.

They're inexpensive and have a cloth-like weave so that they're nice and soft on the eyelid without leaving cotton fibers on your lashes.

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  1. nice i'll look into that...i've just been using the cold cream :P