Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Product Review: Full N' Soft Waterproof Mascara

Being born with puny lashes, I've always turned to mascara to give me a little extra volume and length.  I've tried many, many mascaras ranging in price from $2 to $25, but I always come back to one mascara again and again.   That's Maybelline's Full N' Soft Waterproof mascara, which I get at my local drugstore for just under $10.

First of all, the formula is lightweight and super-smooth.  It glides on like silk, evenly coating each lash with no clumps in sight.  And, because I have stick-straight lashes, I always need to curl them prior to applying mascara.  Full N' Soft Waterproof really holds a curl while giving my lashes that extra bit of volume and length.  It dries fairly quickly, so there's less instances of smudging from blinking.  I really like the brush too.  It's thick enough to hold a fair amount of product, but the bristles aren't too dense so that they separate and coat lashes efficiently without clumping.

My only warning is that, because it dries so quickly, some caking might occur if you try to build on too many layers.  Honestly, I find that one layer of mascara is plenty.  Who wants spider eyes anyway?

I'd definitely say that Full N' Soft Waterproof is worth trying.  It's reasonably priced enough so that you don't have much to lose.  Just make sure you get the waterproof version and not the regular.  The regular Full N' Soft, in my opinion, is heavier, greasier, and since it doesn't dry as quickly, messier. (think raccoon eyes at the end of the day)

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