Monday, March 7, 2011

Beauty: Wet N Wild Blues Continued

I decided to test another look using the Wet N Wild Coloricon palette I reviewed yesterday.  I wanted to try some of the other shades as well.  I did a very simple, layered look using a trio of blues:
I used the pale aqua as a highlight, the bright teal as a base, and the midnight-blue for a dark smoke, smudged over black eyeliner.  I finished with mascara and pen eyeliner.
I also got a chance to test out the lip gloss I got from E.L.F. as well.
E.L.F's mineral lip gloss, in Sorority Girl, is a very pretty, pinky-nude shade with a hint of gold shimmer.  The formula is lightweight and non-sticky.  I like it!

So, bottom line, this is a really good shadow palette, especially for the value.  The colors go on very bold and are long-lasting.  Can't wait to try more looks.  Sorry I was so brief today, I'm a little pressed for time.  This style is pretty straightforward, but, if you would like a tutorial on this, let me know and I'll get one up this week.



  1. I love the look. A tutorial would always be nice. :) The eyeshadows are quite pigmented! What colors are the palettes available in? :3

  2. Thanks! They're Wet N Wild's ColorIcon Collection Eyeshadows. They come in 3 color schemes: blues, pink/purples, brown/greens. Tutorial? You got it!

  3. I love how you blend the colors so well. When I use eyeshadow, I feel like I'm not doing it right so I just end up not putting that much on. I still use the trial Lancome stuff my mom gave me when I went away to college...(totally embarrassing testament to my noob make up skillz!)

  4. yay! a tutorial! your photo is gorgeous :D this look is perfect for the sunny days coming up. i'm really diggin the lip gloss too. though it might be your lips that make the gloss look so lovely XD

  5. @Linda: I thought I already posted a response, but maybe it didn't save? Just keep practicing and be confident with color. :) You can also practice with more neutral colors as well until you get the hang of blending. What I like to do when I want to test out a wild look is go crazy with the makeup before I go to bed at night. That way, I'm the only one who sees it if I make a mistake and I'm about to wash my face anyway so I can do whatever I want.

  6. @ni: boy I can't wait till the sun comes out...whenever that is. *sigh* But yeah, I love the gloss! The color is so pretty and it feels really good on. Plus it's nice and inexpensive so you can get a bunch of colors. They sell E.L.F. at Target now!