Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bad Bitch Cosmetics

Once becoming a seller on Etsy, I naturally became a buyer on Etsy as well.  My "Odile" necklace was recently featured in a Black Swan themed collection. (click here to view)  While browsing said collection, I came across a really cool cosmetic line called Bad Bitch.  They sell AMAZING mineral pigments and I can't wait to purchase some to try.  I love the fun and edgy attitude of the owners as well as the creative names for the colors (ex. Nana, Tifa, Miwako, B Kiddo, etc...soooooo satisfying for the manga/gamer/pop culture loving geek in me)

Here are some colors I intend on purchasing:


intense black w/ red glitter


blue-green with teal shimmer

and I'm torn between getting Peaches:

which is a warm, shimmery peach hue I consider a "safe" color that I can use often. Or B Kiddo:

a bold, olive-lime shade with golden shimmer which I consider a "wild" color that I will probably only use once.

Wouldn't these make for some great product reviews and tutorials?  I'm so addicted to color!  This is definitely something very exciting to look forward to.  Let me know your thoughts. :)


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