Thursday, March 3, 2011

My $15 E.L.F. spree!

E.L.F. had a sale over Presidents Day weekend and I decided to "splurge" on a number of items.  Here is what I got for just $15, free shipping, no sales tax:

A blush brush, lip gloss, a custom compact with 4 colors of my choice, a felt-tip eyeliner pen, and pigment shadow.  Not bad, huh?

clockwise from top left: ivory, pink ice, moondust, and sage

I made my own essential neutrals palette compact.  The compact comes "naked" with magnetic slots.  They have a number of shadow singles that you purchase individually with magnets on the bottoms of the pan to adhere to the compact.  All components (compact included) were $1 each.

I wanted to try their highly rated pigment shadow, so I chose one in Mystic Moss, which was $3.  Their gloss also got good reviews so I picked one up in Sorority Girl for $3 as well.  Will post product reviews for all of these items once I get a minute.

The blush brush is fairly high-quality and very soft, though on the small side.  I'm mostly excited about the pen eyeliner, however. I chose the color Midnight, which is a super-deep blue.  Nearly black with a hint of navy.  I did a skin test and already, it shows a lot of promise.  It glides on easily and darkly.  The good news: it doesn't budge.  The bad news: it doesn't budge.  I was able to remove it with some difficulty using soap and water.  It's almost like a sharpie.  They should call it tattoo, not eyeliner.  I could easily see this being a staple for some wild nights.

Can't wait to do some tutorials and reviews!



  1. i love elf!! overall, i'm pretty happy with the quality of their products..The eyeliner marker thing is pretty nice, but I think mine is starting to run out already o.o; but what do you expect for a dollar :P

  2. Yeah, the shadows are medium-quality, but very good for the price and variety. Their brushes are the best! Their glosses are nice too.