Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Product Review: MAC Dare To Dare Lipglass

If you recall, I had mentioned at the end of my basic lip tutorial that, while I favor nude/neutral glosses, I really love a pop of color.  My favorite color of the moment happens to be pink, bright pink.  I suddenly find that I have an affinity for various shades of hot pink, bubblegum pink, fuschia, and magenta.

So I was doing my daily lurk on the MAC website a while ago when I came across a lipglass collection called Dare To Wear.  Apparently, they advertise that it features "high-impact pigment colour with holographic pearl for a multi-dimensional effect".  Sounds pretty intense, right?

Well, as soon as I laid eyes on a color called Dare To Dare, I was sold.  It's a bright, hot-pink shade with blue undertones and blue pearl iridescence.  I ordered myself a tube and it came in the mail about a week ago.  Let's try it out and see what we think.

Start with bare lips.

Next, despite that I'm using an uber-bright color, I'm going to use my neutral Smashing Muse lip liner.  It will act as a nice, sheer gloss base, very much like a primer.  This will also make the color a little more subdued.  As much as I would love to up the amps by using a fuschia lip liner base, it's not even noon yet.  I have no interest in looking like I belong on a street corner in broad daylight.  Now if you're not quite sure about the liner application process, please refer back to my basic lip post.

Finally, using my trusty lip brush, I'm going to apply a nice, even layer of Dare To Dare.

So, what do you think?  I kinda like it, although it looks nowhere near as bright on my lips as it does in the tube.  It's probably because of the neutral liner.  I'm sure it'll pack quite a punch if I would have used the fuschia liner.  Mmm, the color on my monitor isn't exactly true to life either though. It's a bit brighter in real life.  I find that it's a nice, lightweight formula with pretty decent pigmentation.  Compared to other lipglasses, it's non-sticky and not as thick-feeling.  There's a cool, blue shimmer to it that you can kinda see here, but is much more noticeable in real life.

Here's a complete look.

For the eyes, I modified the Quorra look by thickening the pencil liner by triple and did more of a curved wing instead of a straight flick at the outer corners.  The eyebrows are basic and the blush is Autumn Catwalk.

Hope y'all found this useful.  Hehe.  This was kind of a cop-out post because I didn't have time to do something really in-depth and complex today.  I'll try to get a colorful shadow post up over the weekend.


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