Saturday, February 12, 2011

Jewelry: The Heart of Davy Jones

I'm so in love with Pirates of the Caribbean, my favorite was the third film in the series.  Thing is, aside from the stunning filmography, setting, and costume, everything was more or less mediocre.  The plot, the acting, the dialogue, etc.  Just your typical blockbuster film powered by Disney.  So could it be because I'm in love with Johnny Depp or Orlando Bloom?  Not particularly.  Cute boys, but not my type.

I love it because I love it.  Because it feels good.  What really struck me was the whole Davy Jones side story.  I have a thing for melancholy tales of love, which is why I made this:

Isn't it pretty?  It's one of my favorite pieces to date.  The tiny treasure chest is so detailed, carved with scrollwork on every side.  The delicate heart has a heart filigree design that is just gorgeous.  And the sparkly Swarovski crystal is the perfect shade of ruby blood-red.  *sigh*  I want to wear it every day.


  1. it's gorgeous. you'd wear a wistful love story around your neck. :3

  2. thank you thank you! :) I love making things that have meaning behind them...