Monday, February 7, 2011

Beauty: Beyond the Sea

Ok, so we're going to do our first color tutorial.  Per request, our theme is "Beyond the Sea".  Think mermaids!  I can almost hear Bobby Darin crooning in my

Since we've already covered the basics, I'm just going to mention them briefly while we go through the steps.  For this look, I'll be using my ELF 100 color palette.  If you don't have it, simply use similar colors that you have on hand.  I'll also be using black pencil liner, black liquid liner, blue pencil liner, shadow primer, and mascara.

As far as tools, I'll be using a large shadow brush, a crease brush, a small smudge brush, and an eyelash curler.

Starting with a primed eyelid, I'm going to use a sandy-gold shimmer shade as my base shadow.  Since we're doing a sea-blue theme, I figured this color would be very complimentary. (think warm, sandy beaches)

Using a large, flat shadow brush (mine is Eco Tools brand from Walgreens), apply an even layer of shadow entire upper eyelid, leaving the area under your eyebrow arch bare.

Next, apply an golden-ivory shimmer shade from your brow-bone to your eyebrow arch.

This is your highlight shade.  Be sure to blend both colors where they meet so you don't get a harsh line.

Ok.  It's time for some blue eyeliner.  I'm using CoverGirl's Liquiline Blast in Blue Boom.  I think it's CoverGirl's competition for HIP's Color Truth eyeliner, but really, there's no comparison.  To tell you the truth, this pencil sucks, but I have to use it because it's all I got.  The texture is kinda dry and the pigment isn't anywhere near as intense as they advertise.

Take the blue pencil and line your upper lid very thickly, as if you're using it as a shadow base, which, essentially, you are.

And then just draw a regular line for the bottom lid.  Don't worry if it looks uneven or sloppy.  We're going to mask that with shadow next.

Using a small smudge brush (Studio Basics from Target), I'm going to pick up some dark blue shadow.  I've chosen the darkest one in my palette, which is a shimmery, midnight blue.

I'm going to layer the dark blue shadow right on top of the blue liner base.  The base significantly intensifies the shadow pigments in a way that would be impossible if it were not present.  Do smudge the shadow with the liner to keep the color nice and even.

And then do the same with the bottom lid line.

At this point, we should look something like this:

Next, I'm going to grab my crease brush (Studio Tools from Target) and choose a medium, blue-green shimmer shadow.  This color will be used to soften the edges of the dark blue shade.

I'm going to blend it right along the borders of the blue shadow.

Do the same for the bottom lid line.  Be sure to blend well.  There should be no harsh lines between the two blue shades, rather, there ought to be a nice ombre.

Next, we're going to intensify our look by darkening the outer corners with black.  Like in our basic eye, we're going to draw a small "v" on the outer corner of our eye with black liner.

Using a small smudge brush, I'm going to pick up some black shadow (here I'm using the black shadow with chunky silver glitter for extra oomph) and I'm going to layer it over the black liner, making sure to smudge and blend well.

Once I've completed that step, I'm going to use black liquid eye liner to line my upper eyelid.  Start from the inner corner, broadening the line as you move towards the outer corner, ending with a flick to make a wing. (I think I'm eventually going to have to make a video for this technique as it is difficult to illustrate in photos)

Then, using leftover product on the brush, go ahead and apply liquid liner to your bottom lid line, coming about 1/3 of the way in from the outer corner.  A little goes a long way.  This will intensify the drama of the look.

Now, just curl your lashes and add mascara and you're hella done!

You should have a pretty gradient that starts at deep blue towards the bottom and fades to a light gold as your eyes are drawn higher towards the eyebrow arch.  Want more drama?  Maybe take the dark blues even higher, draw a thicker wing, and add false lashes.  Or, to tone the look down, just add blue to the lower lid line, keeping the upper lid neutral, and skip the winged liner.  Totally customizable.  Try it in a different color, even.  Green, purple, orange...etc.

Hope y'all had as much fun reading this tutorial as I had writing it!



  1. cool, looks like fun..although, i don't have any blue liner :P maybe i should get some

  2. Well, be sure not to buy the one that I used. It was a waste of money. Wish HIP made a blue one...

  3. I think I can do this one! haha I'm not so great with eye shadows but I think I can manage a light color on my upper lid :3 I have a purple liner I could try melting to use for this look. I don't have a smudge brush but I think it looks pretty nifty. Do you like your studio basics one? I might try it :D

  4. I LOVE my Studio Basics smudge brush so much that I ended up buying 3! I got Christine into them also. Hehe. But yes, do try it and let me know how it goes for you. :)