Monday, January 27, 2014

Pictorial Tutorial for Teal Ombre Cat Eyes

Because I received a number of requests for a tutorial, I put together an image diagram illustrating the steps required to achieve the popular "ombre cat eye" that I did the other day.

It was pretty challenging to document, actually, because the look is pretty complex as it is and it made me nervous doing it step by step and photographing along the way. It's not perfect, but I think you can get the gist of it.

Product list:
  • UD Primer Potion in Eden
  • Maybelline Lasting Drama gel eyeliner
  • UD eyeshadow in Blackout
  • Maybelline Color Tattoo in Edgy Emerald
  • Coastal Scents Original 88 palette (3 teal shades of varying values)
  • Maybelline Full N Soft Waterproof mascara
  • Ardell #120 eyelashes
  1. I applied Maybelline Color Tattoo Edgy Emerald from my lash line up to my natural crease on my pre-primed eyelid.
  2. Using Maybeline Lasting Drama black gel eyeliner, I lined my upper lash line and sketched out a cat eye wing.
  3. I lightly filled in the wing shape with remaining gel eyeliner from my brush.
  4. I layered a light teal shade over the cream shadow of the inner corner of my upper eyelid.
  5. Next I layered a medium shade of teal over the center of my upper eyelid.
  6. Then I layered the deepest shade of teal over the outer corner of my upper eyelid.
  7. Using a little more black gel eyeliner, I redefined my cat eye wing.
  8. I lined my lower lash line with black gel eyeliner and accented it with the medium teal shade. Then I darkened the outer corner of my cat eye with a matte black shadow. (UD Blackout)
  9. To complete the look, I curled my lashes, applied mascara, and affixed Ardell #120 lashes to my upper lash line.
No lie, my friends, this is definitely an intermediate/advanced look. Even throughout the 9 steps, I was constantly going back in and refining, sharpening, shading, blending. The results are worth it, however. So, practice, practice, practice and have fun with it! I'd love to make a video tutorial for this in a few weeks, but can't really do so at the moment because I'm super-swamped with school stuff. Thanks for reading and happy Monday! -_-


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