Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sephora Samples

Along with the early bday gift sent from Sephora by Fresh, I also got some luxury skincare product samples.  I had a chance to try them all yesterday.  Here is what I received as well as my first impressions:

Amande Firming & Smoothing Milk Concentrate by L'Occitane.  Otherwise known as body lotion.  I just LOVE how the more expensive a product is, the longer, more highfalutin, and convoluted the name is! :D :D :D  Description from manufacturer: "This super-smooth body cream is rich in almond oil and almond milk to nourish the skin and leave it soft as satin."  I applied this cream all over after my morning shower.  My opinion?  Moisturizing?  Check.  Smells good?  Check.  Smooths and softens skin?  Check, check.  It does everything a good lotion is supposed to do.  Bonus points for a having a sweet, creamy scent.  I actually might purchase a full-sized $44 USD for 7 oz. of product, it's priced a little steep, but a girl should treat herself every once in awhile, right?

Next up:

LA BASE Pro Perfecting Makeup Primer by Lancome.  The product itself is a clear gel that you apply to your face prior to applying foundation.  It's lightweight, smooth, and finishes matte.  It's purpose is to smooth out pores, fine lines, and other little irregularities on the skin to provide a super-silky surface for flawless foundation.  Yes, it does work!  I carefully pat my BB cream on after application and my face looked like live Photoshop.  However a bottle will set you back $42 USD and reviewers have complained that it only lasts a month.  ELF offers a comparable product, Studio Mineral Face Primer, for only $6 USD.  If you want to save some money, I'd say that's the way to go.

And, lastly:

Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer by Smashbox.  Manufacturer's description: "This breakthrough, ultrahydrating formula primes the undereye area while reducing the look of fine lines, puffiness, wrinkles, age spots, and dark circles."  Meh.  This product didn't really do anything for me, although it may be because I'm not really afflicted with any of the problems that it's supposed to correct.  If anything, I guess I would describe it as an under-eye brightener.  For $29 USD?  I think I'm going to pass.

That's the scoop for the day!  Happy Saturday everyone! :)


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