Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dogs And Such

Happy Tuesday!  No makeup or fashion posts today, really.  Just wanted to share how adorable my pups look with their new haircuts! :D  No one is opposed to a little dose of cute, right?

Here's Yuki the maltese, ready for a nap on her Santa blanky after a long day at the doggy salon:

And here's Monday the yorkie, looking mighty fine with her autumn-themed hairbow:

FYI, Monday is my very first pet dog after years and years and years of begging for one.  She turned 12 in March.  She looks pretty good for an old lady, don't you think? :D

Hope everyone is having a good one and thanks for reading!



  1. OMG!!! Your yorkie is SO CUUUTE!!! I squeeealed when I saw the picture!!! I almost want to put that picture as my wallpaper... xD

    She really doesn't look 12 at all! Is she a toy sized one? My Ti-Pou is a mini, he's 6 lbs. His hair is HECTIC lately! I wanted to clip a bow in his hair but I don't really know how... I think he doesn't have enough hair.

    1. Lol, thanks! She's got the cutest little yorkie face, our vet once told me that she's perfect! She's pretty small. In her younger years, she was about 4-5lbs. Now that she's an old lady and her metabolism has slowed down, she's about 7lbs...a little chubby for her size, says the vet. I have another yorkie named Daisy that looks a little like Ti-Pou, not too much hair, but the groomer is able to put a bow in it. :)