Sunday, September 23, 2012

Latest UD Haul, Swatches, and Review

Okie dokie!  I got a chance to try out my new UD stash yesterday I've got pictures and reviews!  Here's my latest UD face:

So, let's talk eyeshadow, specifically Minx:

Minx looks slightly intimidating pressed in its little container, but the color applies as a shimmery pale blue with the slightest hint of green, packed with sparkly silver glitter.  I know that we all LOVE a good dose of heavy pigmentation, but in this case, I found the more subtle look to be very feminine and romantic.  Reminds me of Cinderella.  There a bit of fallout from the glitter, but I feel that a small amount of sparkle on my cheeks makes me a little more a fairy princess! :D  Loved it so much that I wore it two days in a row!  Since Minx is so gorgeous, I simply chose to do a monochromatic color wash on the top and bottom lids accentuated with black liner as not to upstage it with any additional hues.

Next up, Pocket Rocket glosses:




You all know that I love a fun, bright lip!  But for a smoldering, sexy look, I love pairing smokey eyes with a high nude lip, which is why I chose to go with these more subdued gloss shades this time around.

All shades are translucent/sheer.  Dustin is a brownish nude with glitter particles.  It's the deepest of the three shades and shows up more dominantly than the other two on my lips.  Max is more of a true nude with the barest hint of shimmer.  I felt like I was applying a glossy concealer to my lips when I tried it on, but really, I love it so much.  I think it would look amazing with a super-smokey eye!  Rashad is a creamy, neutral, medium pink that is just so flirty and girly.  I love them all and can totally see myself going through a pale-lip phase for the next several weeks!

And finally, De Slick:

It's a super-fine oil-control mist that has a light, but not unpleasant, fragrance and literally feels like nothing on your face!  Spray it on before makeup application to control oil at the pore level, and then after makeup to set and seal.  I was most excited about this product because my oily complexion requires several powder touch ups throughout the day to hide my shiny spots.  Here are comparison photos of me in fresh makeup and then 12 hours later with the help of De Slick:

It's a little hard to tell because the "before" image was taken in the morning with a combination of natural and artificial light.  The "after" image was taken late at night with only artificial light, so the colors are slightly off.  Also, it looks like after 12 hours of wear, my eyeliner has run a little and my gloss (Rashad) has all but worn off! Lol.  But anyways, back to De Slick.  Though wouldn't say that it's a miracle oil control product, I am going to admit that, so far, it's the best oil control product I've tried.  I had to blot once, with tissue, to get rid of the shinies.  But, to be fair, it was after an intense cardio session and Bar Method workout.  I've only gotten a chance to try it for 2 days, however, so  I'll see about updating with my final consensus.

Well, that's that for now!  Hope everyone enjoyed a lovely weekend.  I think it's the last of warm weekends for a very long time here in sunny California!  Goodnight!



  1. you look sooooooo great! love the fave lippie on you is dustin, super pretty

    1. Thanks! I'll try to incorporate Dustin into another FOTD! :)